LED Headlights For F150

Top 5 Best LED Headlights For F150 – The Must Have Selection for 2022

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No doubt the Ford F150 is one of the most popular vehicles to carry goods. These are reliable, durable, and sophisticated. But when the truck is in bad weather or in dark night you may face obstacles driving the car.

During the diverse situation the best LED Headlights for F150 can save the day. As those headlights serve an important part in keeping you safe while driving in low-light or at night, you should replace them as soon as they begin to malfunction.

Here we will review some of the top brands for F150, if you face trouble in the dark night then these lights will be very suitable for those situations.

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Torchbeam T2 H13/9008 Headlight
Torchbeam T2 H13/9008 Headlight

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Beamtech H11 Led Headlight Bulb
Beamtech H11 Led Headlight Bulb

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‎HIKARI WINGS 9012/HIR2 Headlight
‎HIKARI WINGS 9012/HIR2 Headlight

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SEALIGHT H11/H9/H8 9005/HB3 LED Bulbs
SEALIGHT H11/H9/H8 9005/HB3 LED Bulbs

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Marsauto H13/9008 LED Bulbs
Marsauto H13/9008 LED Bulbs

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Best LED Headlights for F150

The following section describes the top 5 Headlights for F150. These are reliable, durable and affordable.

1. Torchbeam T2 H13/9008 Headlight

There are many people who do not change the headlights because they think changing the light is very time consuming and is a hassle. But Torchbeam LED Headlights are here to change your thoughts.

I was surprised to see it taking only 10 minutes to install. They were installed just like a factory bulb, with no additional adaptor box or anything.

However, the instructions specified how the bulb should be angled.

Torchbeam H13 LED has an astonishing long life of over 50,000 hours and can give longer-lasting lighting. Moreover, this can utilize the newest 10,000RPM shark fin fan cooling technology, which provides up to 150 percent cooling impact.

The headlights are presumably rotated 30 degrees from that. With no means to change them. These new ones feature a screw that can be removed to rotate them if necessary.

Most Liking Features:

There is no need for modification. They are really bright, and I didn’t get flashed by other vehicles on my route to work at night.

Probable Drawbacks:

As you are getting a very good quality, you have to spend a bit more money on it.

Key Features

  • Very bright with Lumen of 12000
  • Provides a great visibility to the drivers
  • Has 50000 hours lifespan
  • very easy and quick to install

2. Beamtech H11 Led Headlight Bulb

Do you prefer the safe investment and want to put the money in the right basket? If yes then Beamtech is a wonderful investment for your automobile because of its amazing light beam pattern and built-in safety measures.

These were simple to install and fit well in our 2014 Rogue.They also function well and are really bright. They provide such a powerful, clear white light that my high-beams are practically unneeded.

Using this headlight bulb on your F150 requires a simple installation technique that only takes a few minutes. It has double-sided LED chips, high lumens of light per bulb to provide safe night driving, reduced heat from the laps, which enhances its durability.

There is no need for an external drive or a wire harness, and installation of the Best Headlight Bulbs For F150 is simple. As with the original vehicle plug, it will light up as soon as you plug it in, removing the darkness.

Most Liking Features:

The proximity of the volume to the halogen bulb substantially decreases installation issues. The installation space is reduced while the heat dissipation space is expanded.

Probable Drawbacks:

Sometimes it doesn not fit all cars, so before buying check the mode of the car.

Key Features:

  • Gives a comfortable driving experience
  • Durable and reliable headlights
  • Easy installation process
  • Reasonable price

3. ‎HIKARI WINGS 9012/HIR2 Headlight

If you’ve ever driven at night with ordinary halogen lamps, you’re aware that there are large regions of darkness. HIKARI Bulbs feature a more accurate color match, putting your safety first.

At night, a Xenon-like white light will provide a premium atmosphere to your trip, attracting attention. A Xenon-like white light will lend a premium sense to your nighttime trip, bringing attention to your car while also illuminating the road ahead.

When it comes to driving safety, a little amount of light may go a long way. HIKARI LED lights shine up to twice as far and four times brighter than normal halogen bulbs, providing you with better vision at night both in front and behind your car.

The unique cooling system extends bulb life while ensuring that your high-performance automobile lights retain their brilliance over time. Our HIKARI bulbs have been tested to last up to 50,000 hours, which is ten times longer than the industry norm!

Most LIking Features:

HIKARI has created a 1:1 replacement xenon light bulb that fits exactly into your current housing. And in the road Nothing stands between you and the road thanks to this exclusive technology.

Probable Drawbacks:

This is an expensive headlight for F150.

Key Features

  • allows to stop at greater distance
  • increase safety and security
  • Well developed cooling system
  • 6000k white light

4. SEALIGHT H11/H9/H8 /HB3 LED Bulbs

With its plug-and-play architecture, it is simple to complete the installation with the Sealight headlights in a short period of time. Replace or update your headlight bulbs with a set of Sealight single-beam, the best LED Headlights for F150 today.

The Sea Light bulbs have a maximum brightness of 150 percent, ensuring clear vision no matter what time of day it is.  When it comes to durability, this headlight bulb has passed many tests to assure that it can last for up to 50,000 hours without sacrificing performance.

Because this headlight is designed with user safety in mind, it also has a greater reflectivity, allowing you to see several miles ahead without difficulty. The Sealight series is significantly brighter than normal halogen lamps and provides greater visibility during the day.

These 6000K LED headlights provide long-lasting lighting for your Ford F150. The kit contains four bulbs, allowing customers to change the low and high beam lights on both sides of the vehicle with a single purchase.

Most Liking Features:

These fantastic LED headlights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours before needing to be changed. They can illuminate the darkest roads with up to 14,000 lumens and a cool white 6000K light.

Probable Drawbacks:

This includes four sets of lights, sometimes people need only one headlight for the car.

Key Features:

  • Minimize blinding approaching vehicles,
  • A long lasting light
  • Provides an excellent illumination
  • Include four beam bulbs

5. Marsauto H13/9008 LED Bulbs

Do you drive a lot at night? Then you must know how difficult it is to drive at night with a dysfunctional light. But the Marsauto headlights with Increased visibility can help to drive safely on a country road at night, lowering the danger of an accident.

This is a single-beam bulb which produces 8,000 lumens. And this makes it perfect for city driving, so consider using them to replace a vehicle’s headlights. With ultra-focused light chips, the driver’s side has a smaller beam to avoid blinding other drivers.

Installation takes only a few minutes, and the bulbs have a lifespan of around 30,000 hours before needing to be changed. At 6,000K, the light generated by these Mars Auto bulbs has a cool white color, making them ideal for nighttime driving.

The enclosure is entirely shock, dust, and weatherproof due to its sturdy construction. Marsauto led bulbs include an aluminum heat sink and cooling fans built in for efficient cooling, as well as a driver for improved performance.

Most Liking Features:

This reasonably cost pair of LED headlights is suited for around 95 percent of automobiles, trucks, and vans, however it is still vital to confirm compatibility with your vehicle.

Probable Drawbacks:

The light is very white, if you so not like totally white light then this is not for you

Key Features

  • Seamless light output
  • The design is original
  • Easy to install only in a few seconds
  • Has gone through durability test

Things to Consider Before Buying Led Headlights For F150

Best LED Headlights For F150

There are multiple factors that you need to look into to purchase the Best Headlight Bulbs For F150. here we will try to point out all the features and function that you need to be aware of before making the final decision.


Some Ford F-150 vehicles come standard with headlights that restrict you from fitting aftermarket headlights. Anzo halogen projector headlights, for example, will not fit F-150 vehicles that come standard with HID headlights. To save time and money, be sure the replacement headlights you’re considering are totally compatible with the model year and submodel of your F-150.


There are multiple types of headlights for F150, among them LED light and HID lights are most popular.

HID headlights, often known as xenon, emit a cool yet brilliant light with a blue-white color. They outperform halogen headlights while consuming less electricity than earlier models.

HID headlights are significantly more expensive than halogen headlights, and their beams behave slightly differently due to the qualities of blue-white light.

LED headlights employ solid semiconductor technology to provide strong light at a fraction of the power consumed by traditional light bulbs.

They also operate cooler than halogen headlights and are often more expensive than other types of light bulbs.


The durability of any type of light bulb refers to the number of hours it may be lighted before needing to be replaced.

LED headlights typically last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours, which is an amazing longevity when compared to halogen headlight bulbs, which only last approximately 6,000 hours on average.


You will get low intensity, Medium Intensity and High intensity. Low-intensity LED headlights provide between 6,000 and 8,000 lumens. These bulbs are suitable for city drivers who rarely leave the city.

Medium-intensity LED headlights are a fantastic choice for those who live on the outskirts of cities because they give an improved degree of visibility that is appropriate for the lower levels of illumination that are frequent in such locations.

These bulbs range in brightness from 8,000 to 10,000 lumens.

High-intensity LED headlights are only required for drivers who often travel on dark roads and deserted motorways. This category begins at 10,000 lumens and may go up to 20,000 lumens.

According to your needs, purchase the one that you need.

HR Tested: 417% Brighter LED Bulbs 18-20 Ford F150

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Will LED headlights cause the housing to melt?

LED headlights generate heat as they run, yet even the brightest LED headlights do not generate enough heat to destroy the headlamp housing, an astounding feat given that LED lamps may reach 215 degrees.

2. Will the headlights provide safety?

Yes, Using the best Headlight Bulbs For F150 will improve your vehicle’s safety. These lights provide a bright white light that might help you see better at night.

3. Is it necessary to change both headlight bulbs at the same time?

There is no clear solution to this topic, however we recommend changing both headlight bulbs at the same time, even if just one of them fails. Because changing only one headlight bulb might produce a change in brightness between the two.

4. Is F150 durable?

The advantage of Ford F150 LED headlights is that they are extremely long-lasting. They will last far longer than regular headlights and will not need to be replaced as frequently.

5. How to install 2018-20 Ford F150 LED Headlights?

6. Would it be easier to drive the car at night with F150 LED headlights?

Yes, These lights provide a bright white light that can improve your visibility of objects on the road. This improves your visibility of other cars, pedestrians, and wildlife on the road, allowing you to drive safer at night than ever before.

Final Words

It is necessary to give your ford the right headlights to make the ride more enjoyable and safe. The best LED headlights for F150 can help to increase the visibility and overall experience.

This will help to see clearly even in the darkest night. The products that we have suggested range from a pure white light to an amber tint that simulates daylight driving circumstances. Check out the most essential Review for Miata Car Cover.

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