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Best Rims For Tacoma – Reviews and Buying Guide For 2022

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Most of us do not know the importance of replacing the rims on your Tacoma. A new pair of rims has many advantages including improving longevity and acting as an aesthetic gradient, which improves the appearance of the whole setup.

Furthermore, using superior rims allows you to go for larger and wider tires. Apart from that, the best rims for Tacoma give many more facilities. But buying the right one is not easy, especially for beginners.

With our expertise and knowledge, we have brought the top rims made for Tacoma. From here you can find the suitable one that matches the choices and requirements.

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RockTrix Rims for Tacoma | Aluminum
RockTrix Rims for Tacoma | Aluminum

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American Racing Rims for Tacoma | Includes Center Cap
American Racing Rims for Tacoma | Includes Center Cap

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RockTrix Rims for Tacoma | Heavy Rims
RockTrix Rims for Tacoma | Heavy Rims

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Tactik Rims for Tacoma | Durable | Reliable
Tactik Rims for Tacoma | Durable | Reliable

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Pro Comp Rims for Tacoma | Light Weight
Pro Comp Rims for Tacoma | Light Weight

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Best Rims For Tacoma Review

In the following section we have brough the top five rims for Toyota Tacoma. These are good in quality and very save and reliable.

1. RockTrix Rims for Tacoma | Aluminum

If you’re searching for rims that stand out, then the rims by Rocktrix may be it. The Matte Black finish of the rim has a durable clear coat that can survive the toughest weather conditions.

According to a customer, These rims look much better in reality than they do in photos! I was very happy with my decision to purchase them. In addition, I purchased an extra wheel for my spare tire on the back of the Jeep.

These wheels are built of one-piece cast aluminum and have a 5 V-Spoke design, this will give you turn heads.

This rim has everything, from an aggressive appearance to more clearance and protective protection.

This black jeep rim is intended for professionals who want a sporty look to their car but are on a tight budget. The RockTrix rims for Tacoma are one of the alternatives that have survived the test of time.

Most Liking Features:

This one has a bolt pattern of 5 x 5 inches, a -12 offset, a center bone of 71.5 mm, and a backspacing of 4.5 inches. The rim is 17 x 9 inches.

Probable Drawbacks:

These rims are very good in quality but installing these can be difficult. So it is suggested to follow the proper instructions before installing.

Key Features:

  • Black matte finish
  • Made of aluminum
  • Suitable for rough use
  • Provides aggressive wheel offset

2. American Racing Rims for Tacoma | Includes Center Cap

American Racing has built a good name in the tire and rim industry by consistently producing goods that meet the expectations of its target audience. They have never failed to provide the customers with the best rims for Toyota Tacoma.

I have been using the rims for my Tacoma by American Racing for only 8 weeks but I am already in love with this. The black satin look of the rims gives a stunning look to my jeep. Moreover, so far I am very much impressed with the performance.

This one does not have lug nuts, but it does include the cap. It also comes with a lifetime structural guarantee and a one-year finish warranty. This is another top-rated car wheel. The majority of consumers have praised the quality and off-road capability of this rim.

Most Liking Features:

They don’t appear cheap like standard steel wheels, but they’re also not overdone like all the ordinary wheels made by trendy businesses.

Probable Drawbacks:

The rims are very heavy so this can be hard to mount them

Key Features:

  • Available in three different diameters
  • Gives a black finish
  • Gives a unique look to the jeep
  • Very good quality and durable

3. RockTrix Rims for Tacoma | Heavy Rims

The dimensions of these rims are‎ 19.7 x 19.1 x 11.5 inches. This means you should have no problem installing them on the Toyota Tacoma. They have a futuristic style and a black matte finish.

They weigh is 33 pounds, so these will be able to take a high pressure and last for a long time. Furthermore, these rims will not scuff or scratch easily. Besides, the rims include a center cap, so from the outside this will give a smooth finish.

The whole rim is made of only one piece of cast aluminum construction, that means there is no join in between the rims. Moreover, the matte black rims cab survive the toughest weather condition and give a very good performance for a long time.

You will get 6 V shaped spoke design the end meets together. This design is not developed only for external beauty; thus these are developed keeping the rigidity and durability in mind. RockTrix Rims would look super cool on any jeep specially on Toyota Tacoma.

Most Liking Features:

These rims are compatible with multiple vehicles, also the tire size helps to prevent the wheel from rubbing.

Probable Drawbacks:

The weight of the rims is 33 pound, which is very solid and heavy. So you might face difficulty lifting the rims.

Key Features:

  • Made of one piece aluminum
  • Includes a center cap
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Includes CNC machined to exact specifications.

4. Tactik Rims for Tacoma | Durable | Reliable

Tactik brought the best rims for Tacoma that have long been a popular choice for both everyday drivers and off-road enthusiasts. The steel wheels outperform alloy wheels in terms of strength and longevity.

The part I love the most about the rims is that if the wheel becomes dinged, I can just hammer out the flaw and continue on my way. And do not face any problem further. The superior strength and longevity over alloy wheels are unbitable.

The 8 Steel wheel has a very classic design that is finished in a satin black power coat that has proven popular over the years. If you want good look along with good quality then this is the one you should go for.

In order to provide the greatest possible wheel quality, this Circle 8 Classic Wheel has passed extensive Industry Standard testing in different categories. And this includes tests like cornering, fatigue, and impact strength.

Most Liking Features:

These rims employ e-coat under the matte black powder coat on its steel wheels which provides durability and corrosion resistance to the rims

Probable Drawbacks:

The price of the rim is higher than the industry average price because of the quality.

Key Features:

  • Includes a center cap
  • Corrosion free and ensure durability
  • Gone through multiple tests
  • Coated with matte black powder

5. Pro Comp Rims for Tacoma | Light Weight

Rims for Toyota Tacoma come in a variety of forms and sizes; however, not all of them are designed for extreme off-road use. If that’s the case, you’ll love the rims from Pro Comp Alloy.

They have been producing high-quality Jeep rims for many years, and Alloy series 69 is one of their best products. Also it is available in a variety of sizes, bolt patterns, offsets, and finishes, among other options.

so they shouldn’t be too tough to install. Furthermore, these rims will provide unrivaled wheel strength. Despite their low price, these rims are capable of competing with much more expensive competitors.

The well-polished Pro Comp rims are corrosion resistant and has durable matte finish. At the updated technology has been used making the rims. These are often choose by the professionals as well.

Most Liking Features:

Pro Comp’s low-pressure casting method was used to create this off-road rim. As a result, it is lightweight, resilient, and attractive.

Probable Drawbacks:

They do not come with lug nuts. You’ll need to get a couple black ones somewhere else.

Key Features:

  • 17 by 9 inches in size.
  • They are matte black in color.
  • Weigh about 24 pounds
  • Light in weight

Things to Consider Before Buying Rims For Tacoma

Best Rims For Tacoma

You will get a lot of options when trying to buying rims. But for purchasing the best rims for Toyota Tacoma you will need to concentrate on some specific features of the rim.

You have to know what makes the rims strong and long lasting. Here we will discuss some of the important part of the rims. You may also be interested in some of the Wheels For Tacoma from our list.


The first thing that you need to pay particular attention on is to the material of the rim. You have to ensure if the substance long-lasting and reliable. The quality of any rims and wheels mostly depends on the material.

The good materials is not prone to scratching and tearing. Choose the most durable material humanly feasible to guarantee that you receive your money’s worth. Even if it means paying extra money, you should go for the good one.

Because if you pick something poor in quality this will be a total waste of money, additionally will have risks on the road.

Alloy VS Steel

You will get two options while buying the rims; alloy and steel. both of these solutions offer benefits and drawbacks. To begin with, steel wheels are heavier and less expensive.

They are also more prevalent. Whereas, Aluminum rims are lighter and more expensive than steel rims.

Aluminum wheels are more corrosion-resistant and long-lasting than steel wheels. Steel wheels are often superior when it comes to hauling hefty weights.

Based on this information, it can be concluded that if you have the money, aluminum wheels are the way to go because they are more robust, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight.

Size of Rims

The size is also an important part to look into. Smaller automobiles necessitate smaller rims, and bigger automobiles need bigger rims. As Toyota Tacoma is a large size jeep, this will require a bigger rim. You must find the ideal fit here. This looks a lot like the bolt pattern.

You will waste your time and money if you purchase the incorrect size or width. Take the time to take some measurements to ensure you get it correctly in this category. If necessary take advise and guidelines from an expert or from someone who works as cars store.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is Bead lock important?

Yes, it is. If the bead locks aren’t up to the mark, there is going to have some problem on the hands. It is importantly that you select rims that have excellent bead locks.

2. What are the dimensions of stock Jeep rims?

The factory jeep rims size is generally 15 x 7inches, but you may validate what stock jeep rims are by obtaining appropriate measures yourself.

3. Does the Rims include center cups?

The products that we have suggested, most o them includes center cups. If any rim is not including center cups, you can buy it separately from outside.

4. What is the weight of the rims?

The weight depends on the material of the rims. If it is made of aluminum then this will weight 17 to 20 pounds and if these are made of steel then the weight would be more than 30 pounds

5. Can I install rims to my Toyota Tacoma?

The best rims for Toyota Tacoma are very easy to install and these are light in weight, so you can easily set the rims and attach it to the jeep.

6. How To Choose A Tire & Rims Setup For Your Toyota Tacoma

Final Words

How the vehicle is going to perform in the long and rough road depends on the quality of the rims. It is always important to use the best rims for Tacoma, this might cost a few more penny but you cannot compromise with safety.

When we are out on a road, safety comes first. The products that we have mentioned are safe to use and last for a long time. If you have any queries, let us know, we would be happy to help.

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