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Best Wheels For Tacoma in 2022 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

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Toyota Tacoma is undoubtedly one of the most popular vehicles that you can see on the road. The performance, appearance, off-road capability, high power engine, and lengthy features list all are top-notch.

Some people want to modify their Tacoma to make it outstanding. And what can be a better option than to change the wheels with the best wheels for Tacoma! This will enhance the performance and provide extra power to the vehicle.

But you cannot simply buy a wheel and install it, you have to make sure that the jeep is getting the wheel that it deserves. We have got your back by picking the top five wheels for Tacoma from the market.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

American Racing Custom Wheels AR172
American Racing Custom Wheels AR172

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RockTrix RT105 17 inch Wheels
RockTrix RT105 17 inch Wheels

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Method Race Wheels 305 NV
Method Race Wheels 305 NV

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TRD PRO Matte Gray Wheels PTR20-35110-GR
TRD PRO Matte Gray Wheels PTR20-35110-GR

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‎OE Style 1766673SB
‎OE Style 1766673SB

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Best Wheels For Tacoma Reviews

The following section describes the top wheels for Tacoma, these are good in quality, give outstanding performance.

1. American Racing Custom Wheels AR172

When you are replacing the wheel, you will want to have something genuine and good. American Racing Wheels can be trusted blindly. They have been in this business for more than 60 years, and by this time they have gathered a lot of experience.

I had been looking for wheels for my 94 F150 for a long time, finally, I got introduced to American racing. These are amazing! They don’t appear cheap like standard steel wheels, but they’re also not overdone like all the common wheels made by trendy businesses.

The American Racing wheel is a formidable combination of on-road appearance and off-road performance, designed to improve your truck’s shape and function. The Alpha wheel has a mesh-style, split eight-spoke design with a simulated bead lock ring on the wheel’s lip.

The wheel has been developed to maximize caliper clearance and improve wheel position for unfettered suspension motion and steering function, in keeping with the Icon Alloys approach.

Most Liking Features:

The wheels are available in 3 different sizes, 15” 16” and 17” diameters. Thus this can be easily fit to any vehicle

Probable Drawbacks:

some people prefer spokes in the wheel, but these do not include spokes.

Key Features

  • Comes in 3 different diameters
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Has a lifetime structure

2. RockTrix RT105 17 inch Wheels

Why does not want to stand out from the crowd? RockTrix , the best wheels for Toyota Tacoma are a 5 V-Spoke design with a sporty look and has the most flexible set up on standard suspension,

These RockTrix RT105 wheels will allow you to ride about in style, from small crawling to 4 wheeling’s. These wheels are designed to survive the rigors of both on- and off-road use, making them an excellent addition to any Jeep owner’s mod list.

With at least 1/2″ more inner clearance over factory wheels, you’ll have more room for suspension components you already have or intend to buy. The application guide is provided below.

The tires are 295/70/17. This is the maximum size for the roadway, and there was some rubbing on the paths. If you intend to utilize this combination for real off-roading, we recommend a lift kit or modified fenders.

Most Liking Features:

These tires provide an improvement from stock with a little rubbing. A raised kit of any size will boost your clearance for bigger tires.

Probable Drawbacks:

As the wheels are great in quality, these are high in price

Key Features:

  • The full body is aluminum construction
  • Matte Black finish with tough clear coat
  • Gives an outstanding look to the jeep
  • Last for a long time

3. Method Race Wheels 305 NV

In our third product we have brought Method Race Wheels. The method is one of the most well-known names in the off-road market, and they provide everything from simple street/off-road wheels to race wheels.

The wheels for the Toyota Tacoma are quite popular since they provide a superb appearance at an affordable price. In reality, these wheels are specifically built for trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, and specialized off-road vehicles.

They are also extremely robust, with load ratings ranging from 2500 to 4500 pounds depending on the application, and are manufactured of solid A356 aluminum with T6 heat treatment for maximum durability and lifespan.

The MR305 NV has a traditional 12-window design with a Street-Loc Version 1 lip and undercuts that mimic a real Bead lock wheel. Method Race Wheels creates, develops, and sells high-performance wheels and accessories for racing and street use.

Most Liking Features:

This comes with a sturdy structure and beautiful striking style that compliments these machines’ inherent nature.

Probable Drawbacks:

Good products come with a greater price; this is not different for Method race wheels as well.

Key Features:

  • Matte black finish
  • Made of Solid aluminum
  • Very strong and long-lasting
  • Unique design and suitable for several jeeps

4. TRD PRO Matte Gray Wheels PTR20-35110-GR

This matte silver wheel from Genuine with a simulated 6 lug nut pattern is a perfect choice if you want a beautiful clean look! This is the best wheel for Tacoma is built with cutting-edge, low-pressure casting to offer the wheel incredible strength.

I love how the matte gray paint looks on our black Toyota Tacoma. It has improved the look of the Toyota Tacoma. The price was quite reasonable, delivery was speedy, and the wheels arrived in fantastic condition directly from Toyota.

The weight is nicely balanced. The Genuine wheel is built to survive full-scale cross-country use; this wheel isn’t just for the street or circuit. The remainder of the wheels on this list are either cast or flow forged, however, this is entirely forged.

These are substantially stronger than any other wheel you will find due to its structure. Genuine wheels are ideal for individuals looking for the toughest wheel available as well as the aesthetic that many enthusiasts adore.

Most Liking Features:

The weight of the wheel is just perfect; not too heavy, not too light. The best Wheels for Tacoma can take all pressure and provide support for a long ride

Probable Drawbacks:

People who love minimal design might not prefer this model of wheels

Key Features:

  • The weight is perfectly balanced
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Suitable for aggressive driving
  • Has brake clearance to ensure proper fit

5. ‎OE Style 1766673SB

This wheel is designed mainly for Tacoma enthusiasts. If you want to give your Tacoma a new and unique look then OE style would be the right choice. They offer the style, strength, and capability that the discriminating off-road driver seeks,

This wheel has eight spokes and the lugs are completely invisible. This gives it a more sleek, sophisticated, and fashionable appearance. This wheel is a formidable combination of on-road appearance and off-road performance, designed to improve your truck’s shape and function.

OE Style has been developed to maximize caliper clearance and improve wheel position for unfettered suspension motion and steering function, and the materials are very good in quality.

This has a mesh-style, split eight-spoke design with a simulated Bead lock ring on the wheel’s lip. Each spoke forms a V-shape as it meets in the center of the wheel, exuding an aggressive style that complements the overall appearance of your Tacoma.

Most Liking Features:

The design of the spoke is very unique and loved by the youngsters, besides the design gives support for a long time.

Probable Drawbacks:

There are no multiple size options, so you have to be careful while buying this

Key Features:

  • Includes eight spokes
  • Suitable for rocky roads
  • Mesh-style makes it unique
  • Gives a fashionable appearance

Things to Consider Before Buying Wheels For Tacoma

Best Wheels For Tacoma

Buying the wheels is not difficult but there are some critical points that you need to be careful about. Like material, the bead locks, size, etc. make the wheel the ​​best wheels for Toyota Tacoma for any car. Here we would describe what these things are and why those are important. Check out the most essential Review for LED Headlights For F150.

Bead locks

This type is ideal for the serious off-road audience who like to ride with reduced tire pressure when trail riding. Bead locks are frequently used by these drivers to keep the tire from rolling off the rim.

Most bead locks employ either a clamped ring on the outer bead or an inflating tube within the tire, as well as a spacer that fits between the beads, to grasp the tire.

While this is a terrific method to improve your off-road performance in difficult circumstances, it is not suggested for on-road usage, even though certain bead locks are DOT certified.

This is due to the fact that most bead locks are heavier and more difficult to balance than a regular wheel. They can also fail at faster speeds, resulting in rapid deflation.

Steel Wheel

When it comes to Jeep wheels, they are divided into two types: steel and alloy. Steel rims are often seen to be the ideal choice for off-roading since they are heavier, more uniform, robust, and less expensive than alloy rims.

They can withstand a lot of off-road abuse and yet seek more. They may also be readily repaired since steel can be hammered back into place.

Alloy Wheel

Alloy wheels, on the other hand, are composed of light materials like aluminum or magnesium and are sometimes several pounds lighter than steel, making them perfect for daily driving.

This decreased weight makes starting and stopping your Jeep much easier, which improves fuel efficiency and vehicle control.

Less weight implies less pressure on your suspension components and the capacity to disperse heat away from braking components under harsh driving situations.

Wheel Size

Toyota did provide a variety of wheel and tire sizes for Tacoma’s between 1995 and 2018. Even within the same model year, sizes might vary based on the model: basic model, PreRunner, and so on.

If you have standard wheels, consult your owner’s handbook to see what the factory tires should be. That doesn’t imply various tire sizes can’t fit, or that you can’t alter your wheels. This is when customization comes into play.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

 1. Can I use the Tacoma wheel for other jeeps?

Not every wheel fits in all types of jeeps. But yes, there are some tires that will fit the jeeps as well. But before buying check the size and make sure this is the suitable one for the vehicle.

2. How long does the wheel last?

The best wheels for Toyota Tacoma last for more than 10 years. Because these are made of good material, the weight is well balanced and can go through rough roads.

3. Can I drive the Tacoma on the rocky road?

Yes, you can. With the right type of wheels, wheels that we have mentioned above, you can drive in hilly and rocky areas without facing any trouble. This will help to cross the road smoothly.

4. Which wheels’ material is good for daily riding?

Alloy is generally preferred for regular use. These are composed of light materials like aluminum or magnesium and that thing makes the wheel lighter. And we all know lighter wheels are suitable for regular use.

5. Which wheel size is perfect for Tacoma?

This depends on the model you are using. Generally, 17-inch wheels are commonly used in Toyota Tacoma. Some prefer to use a bigger size wheel and some prefer the smaller size. At the end of the day, this depends on your preference.

6. Is Running Wheels Spacers on Your Vehicle DANGEROUS!?

Final Words

Tacoma is a heavy car that is used in different situations, some people use it for regular purposes, some use it for carrying goods. This provides service in any weather and road condition. But after using the jeep a few times the wheels start to get damaged, as those go through many obstacles.

You can solve the situation by replacing the wheels with the best wheels for Tacoma. The products that we have listed above are very high in quality and reasonable in price.

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