Bestop Vs Softopper Truck Cap

Bestop Vs Softopper Truck Cap : Which One is Right for You?

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One benefit of owning a wrangler or truck is that you can quickly turn it into a storage building or even a tent for camping. You just need to put a topper on its back, and presto, you have a tiny space to fit in.

It is now impossible to describe how to guarantee the longevity, quality, and strength of the topping. That’s because this layer of roofing protects your goods, including yourself as you slumber underneath. What is the greatest topper available today that you can rely on?

The choice is typically between Bestop vs Softopper for regular riders. You may rely on these two well-known and high-quality brands. However, you can select one of them, which should be suitable for you regardless of your needs. If you’re seeking for a completely waterproof solution, Softopper is something you should consider. Bestop should work well for regular, severe weather protection.

We’ll sneakily discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each brands today to determine which one is ideal for you.


A 23-ounce diamond point fabric that is UV, stain, and moderate dew resistant is used to make Bestop vehicle toppers. Softoppers alternative can be used as an alternative to utilizing heavier fiberglass. The designers used extra-durable sailcloth for their construction. This substance is utilized in the convertible top to create the waterproof interior compartment, which is sturdy enough to support a substantial amount of weight in the bed. When not in use, they can also be simply removed and stored.


The interior compartment is shielded from heat and moisture by marine-grade double-stitched thread. Despite being constructed of cloth, these toppers can hold their own against industrially created steel doors. It is not a typo. Stoppers are soft on the inside, but due to their rough exterior, they are incredibly resistant to heat, fog, dew, rain, UV light, dust, and other environmental elements. ARE MX Vs Leer 180 Truck Cap : Which One is Right for You?

Bestop vs Softtopper – Why Head to Head?

So why do we compare Bestop with Softopper when there are other truck toppers available? Well, it’s actually quite straightforward. The king and queen of superb fabric, exceptional strength, and tremendous longevity are shared by the toppers from both of these brands.

Bestop Vs Softopper Truck Cap

The highest-quality fabric used to construct the Bestop toppers is well-known. Not to mention the high-quality materials used throughout the entire production process. The best part is that Bestop ensures that every single detail—on the inside as well as the outside of the toppers—gets the same amount of attention.

A like tale exists for Softopper as well. It offers the best roofing support for your truck because of its entirely waterproof system. It’s amazing because it allows you the choice to convert the entire truck into a mini-hotel so you can conveniently spend the night when camping or traveling. Bak Revolver X2 Vs X4 Tonneau Cover : Which is the Better Cover?

Bestop vs Softopper: Which One is Right for You?

Which one should you choose if both offer the finest support for your vehicle topping? So that you can choose a side more easily, we have included some points of comparison below. Move along!

The way their products are made is the main distinction between Softopper and Bestop. A central layer of dense foam, an inner layer of water-resistant PVC, and an outside layer of UV-resistant vinyl make up the patented three-layer technique used by Softopper. Softopper has some advantages over Bestop as a result of this architecture.

For starters, Softopper is far more durable than Bestop because to its three-layer construction. Softopper offers a five-year warranty because they are so certain that their product will last. In contrast, Bestop only provides a one-year warranty.

The construction of Softopper has the additional benefit of making the product significantly more weather-resistant. You don’t have to be concerned about your soft top leaking in the rain because the three layers work together to keep moisture out. Your Jeep’s inside PVC layer also aids in insulation, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Effortless Use

How simple it is to use a soft top is a crucial factor to take into account. And Softopper clearly outperforms Bestop in this regard.

With Softopper, you can completely remove the top in about 60 seconds without even needing to unzip it. If you want to enjoy a ride in the fresh air but don’t want to deal with the effort of removing the entire top, this is a significant benefit. It’s also excellent for when you require quick and simple access to the cargo area of your Jeep.

The soft top on the Bestop must first be completely unzipped in order to be removed. This could be a hassle if you’re pressed for time. It also means that you have to find somewhere to store the top when you’re not using it, which can be a challenge if you don’t have a lot of space.


Let’s discuss about the cost last. It’s difficult to say which company is less expensive because both Softopper and Bestop offer a wide variety of prices for their products. However, Softopper typically costs a little less than Bestop.

However, given the superior quality of Softopper’s products, this is to be expected. Softopper is undoubtedly the best option if you want the greatest value.


As we already noted, Bestop only offers a one- to five-year warranty on its products, while Softopper offers a five-year warranty on its items. Therefore, both Bestop and Softopper provide what you need if you’re seeking for a soft top with a longer warranty.


Although installing a soft top can be difficult, Bestop and Softopper both provide straightforward instructions that make the process simple. Even a video instruction is available on Bestop’s website so you can see exactly how it’s done.


A long-lasting sailcloth material, bestop will provide you lasting quality. Bestop is a brand-new item created with molded-tooth zippers. However, The Softopper also offers high-quality, UV-resistant sailcloth fabric. High-quality YKK zippers are used to construct the softopper. Both Bestop and Softopper have unique designs, so pick the one that most closely matches your taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Softopper owned by Bestop?

Ans. It’s intriguing that Bestop owns Softopper. Both brands produce truck toppers, however Softopper is primarily concerned with the vehicle manufacturing process. One may argue that the Softopper represents a little improvement over Bestop’s offerings.

Does Softopper have waterproofing?

Ans. Yes, the complete waterproofness of Softopper truck toppers is one of its USPs.

Does the Softopper lock?

Ans. Unfortunately, the Softopper cannot be locked. If you like, you may fold it up and stow it on the bed of your truck.

Can you drive with the sides of a Softopper rolled up?

Ans. The answer is that you can drive with the Softopper’s sides rolled up. Additionally, it appears fantastic while rolled up!

Last Words

To be honest, choosing between Bestop vs Softopper is not a simple task. The truth is that toppers from both manufacturers are quite good and fulfill your needs.

It doesn’t feel like a decision to choose one over the other. However, you might choose the Softopper brand for its distinctive waterproof designs if you’re more interested in a complete waterproofing system.

On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with a Bestop topper if you have a limited budget and are primarily concerned with the design and durability of the fabric and frame.

Tell us what you’re aiming for!

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