How To Attach String Lights To concrete wall

How To Attach String Lights To concrete wall?

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Are you merely fixated on beautifully designed spaces? Then you need to understand that lighting is a crucial step in the procedure.

Are you telling us that after having purchased a large quantity of rope lights, you have no idea how to secure them to your concrete wall?

Just keep reading, and we’ll outline exactly what you should do to solve this issue. We will also provide you with other solutions to your problem. So, stick with the option that makes the most sense for you!

How To Fix Rope Lights To Concrete So They Never Fall Off Again!

Perhaps you’ve seen the beautiful photos on the internet when people are smiling in front of rope lights. Maybe you want to use them for your Instagram photos. Or perhaps you’d like to put them into words.

They are guaranteed to look fantastic on your wall, so you might wish to use them. But have you ever thought about how hideous the extra nail holes and dings will appear once you’re done hanging them?

Here are some pointers for mounting rope lights on concrete walls.

Results from Super Glue Are Super!

For a very long time, Super Glue has been the best buddy of DIYers. With anything it is applied on, its great shear strength feature enables it to form strong adhesive bonds.

Now that you have the lights and super glue in your hands, you begin mounting them on your wall. To position them precisely, just follow these 4 easy steps.

  1. With a pencil, mark the area where you wish to stick them. If you wish to express the lights in words, this phase is very important.
  2. Before you begin gluing the lights, measure their length. Make sure your length will allow you to reach the target location.
  3. 5 inches at a time, begin gluing the rope using superglue. Applying gradually is crucial because it will lessen the likelihood of improper placement.
  4. Before releasing go, hold the rope in place on the wall for 10 seconds. assuring that it won’t slip.

You’re done now! That’s how easy it was.


You should be aware that this is a long-lasting solution. This method is not for you if you wish to modify the design afterwards.

Don’t forget to put on safety gear!

Trust us when we say that the only things you want superglue to touch are the wall and the lights.

Since this can be the most long-lasting option, it might also be the messiest. So keep in mind to use this technique with extreme caution!

It’s been warned that you.

Do I Need to Glue It?

It is perfectly normal if you are a little apprehensive to apply superglue. That’s presumably because you eventually want to move the lights around. Then, you could wish to use silicone adhesive or hot glue.

But how do I decide?

The answer to that truly depends on the use. I’ll go into further detail. Hot glue is your best option if you need a quick-setting adhesive and want the flexibility to relocate or even remove the lights.

However, silicone adhesive is a great option if you want a waterproof seal and a little bit of flexibility. The directions for using them are the same as those for using super glue, no matter what.

Everything is made right by pipes!

We understand that you are trying to figure out how to mount your lights to concrete. What if, however, we informed you that you are not need to attach it directly. preserving your wall from avoidable damage as a result?

What are we discussing?

PVC pipes, naturally! Using this technique, you may create a frame with the lights. Simple is the main concept. This involves encircling the pipes with the light strands.

Therefore, this is your best choice if you intend to remove the lights after the holiday season.

What you’ll need is listed below:

  1. Vinyl pipes
  2. PVC pipe saw and cutter
  3. (4) elbows
  4. Tape measure Marker

If you want to employ this décor seasonally, all of these components are excellent investments because they are so inexpensive.

So let’s get going, shall we?

  1. The frame that you wish to create on the wall must first be measured for height and width.
  2. The PVC pipes are then cut based on the measurements you have taken.
  3. To create a frame, place an elbow on each corner and connect them all together. The elbows fit pretty tightly, thus there is no need for adhesive.
  4. Spirally encircle the pipes with light ropes after fastening them to the wall. And presto!

Is it actually that simple?

Given that you don’t need to use any screws or nails, this technique is fairly simple. preserving your wall as a result. It could be a little challenging at first, but once you get the feel of it, everything goes quite smoothly!

The new duct tape is brick clips!

In truth, this ingenious innovation is only a piece of metal. However, it has helped rescue several concrete brick walls all around the world.

How does it function?

It’s simple; all you have to do is set the spring end of the clip on the brick’s base and gently press the clip’s top portion down until it snaps into place. Then, all you have to do is hang the rope from the clip’s hook!

We Stick Together: Moldable Glues

These are packaged in little packets and can be shaped in different ways. The fact that they can take up to 24 hours to dry is the main drawback.

So all you have to do is use duct tape to secure the rope lights. After that, secure the rope there by using the moldable adhesive. After finishing that, you must wait 24 hours for the adhesive to dry before you may remove the duct tape.

That’s easy.

What Else Exists?

There is another approach as well, but sadly it necessitates making holes in your lovely wall for screws and nails.

Alright with that? ok, keep reading!

The procedure essentially calls for the use of clamps. The rope must be positioned first, followed by the clamps. The next step is to mark the concrete and drill holes where you indicated.

The clamps are then set in place and secured using screws. You’re done now!


You are prepared to proceed now that you have read everything you need to know about how to connect rope lights to concrete.

Therefore, proceed to the nearby store and purchase the necessary items. the lovely strand of lights that have been sitting in the corner, and start decorating!

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