How To Clean Your Hair Brushes With Dryer Sheets

How To Clean Your Hair Brushes With Dryer Sheets?

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Dryer sheets are made of woven fibres that have been coated in fatty acids, chemical mixtures, and fragrances from various substances.

Dryer sheets are influencing practically every aspect of life, from sewing lessons to cleaning stainless steel, glass stovetops, burnt-on stains from pots, baseboards, and ceiling fans.

But hold on! What if we told you that a dryer sheet can make your fragile hairbrush seem practically brand new? Wow, that’s impressive! Right?

According to some experts, it’s usual to shed 100 hairs every day, the most of which are shed in the hairbrush in clusters and mesh.

Who enjoys having their combs and brushes clogged with hair and dirt? Most likely nobody. When you can’t clean anything else, you can’t just toss your hairbrush in the trash.

The most practical and efficient method for cleaning them is to use dryer sheets, which makes things simpler.

There are two methods for cleaning the hairbrush using dryer sheets.

First Approach: Step by Step

It’s not overstatement to claim that a hairbrush is a component of our life that quickly becomes filthy owing to tangled hair and dust buildup in the bristles.

The drier sheets work nicely with both brushes and combs, whether you’re using one or the other.

Step 1 : Taking Out the Dirt and Hair

Eliminating extra hair from the brush is the most crucial step in cleaning the brush.

You’ll need to pick off hair strands for that as much as you can with your hands. Your hand could have trouble picking up the hair if it is firmly attached to the root.

You’ll need a pencil with a sharp edge that can fit through the brush’s base for that. Gently lift the pencil and a layer of piled hair and debris above the bristles.

Take the layer out of the brush by picking it up with your hands. Repeat the procedure until the majority of the dirt and hair have been removed.

Step 2: Soak the dryer sheets

A large dish should be filled with warm water. Make sure the bowl is big enough to hold the amount of combs and brushes you normally use.

Put two or more brand-new dryer sheets, at least, in the heated water. Additionally, let the brushes sit in the solution for a full three hours.

There is no question that soaking many brushes and combs will save you time. You’ll put up the same amount of work and clean all of your brushes at once.

Warm water is safe for synthetic and plastic brushes, thus this technique is excellent for them. A wooden brush shouldn’t be immersed in this solution since the water might deform the wood.

Step 3: Thoroughly Rinse the Brush

You’ll notice that the dirt that had been embedded into the bristles of the brush will begin to come away from it after three hours of soaking.

The connection between the base, bristles, grime, and hair will begin to break down, making brush cleaning much simpler.

The brush must be scrubbed and given a good rinsing with warm water. To do this, you should rather use a toothbrush to get to the bristle base, which is a typical place for dust and hair to collect.

Step 4: Lastly, dry the hairbrush

This is the last phase, so you need to be much more cautious now. You must believe that improper drying will result in the growth of mould and germs as well as a shorter lifespan for your hairbrush.

Place the brush so that the bristles are contacting a dry towel or piece of fabric and facing downward.

In this manner, your brush will receive the proper drying and every drop of water will drain from the base.

First, wipe it vigorously with a dry cloth before patting it dry and allowing it to naturally drain. All done; congratulations! You barely put any effort into cleaning your fragile hairbrush.

First Approach:Step-by-Step

Have you ever wondered how to maintain a hair-free, dirt-free, and clean brush even after using it?

This technique focuses on maintaining and keeping the hairbrush clean at all times rather than cleaning the unkempt brush.

Why don’t you consider to maintain your hairbrush clean if you’re the lazy kind and can’t find the time to wash it occasionally? Therefore, it wouldn’t need to be rinsed.

Most people hesitate to do it because it is a difficult task to remove the filthy mixture of dust and hair strands from the resistant bristles.

Here’s a clever technique that will help you keep your hairbrush clean. Let’s get down to work straight now!

Step 1 :Cleaning the Brush

Make sure your brush is thoroughly cleansed before you start the precise procedure. Remove and thoroughly clean any hair that may be stuck to the bristles that are buried in the soil.

Step 2 :Stretching the dryer sheet

Let’s start the procedure by pulling a scented dryer sheet from your box that hasn’t been used yet.

But hold on! Don’t forget to pull the sheet from each end to extend it as far as you can. You might be asking yourself why stretching is so important.

The stretched version would work nicely for this activity if you wish to slide the sheet into the bristles without any wrinkling. Tiny holes will be made in the fibres, allowing them to travel through the hairbrush’s bristles as the fibres relax and separate.

Step 3: Mounting the Brush with the Dryer Sheet

The dryer sheet that has been spread out should now be placed on the brush’s bristles. To get the sheet into the bristles, you’ll need to exert some pressure.

Make sure the sheet is laid on the brush’s base and that all the bristles are exposed.

Step 4 :Brushing the Hair

Run the brush through your hair to thoroughly comb them while the sheet is tucked between the bristles. The base that was meant to catch the dirt and hair has now accumulated on the dryer sheet.

Additionally, if you’re using a dryer sheet with a pleasant aroma, your hair will absorb that scent and look just fragrant and lovely.

Step 5: Take the dryer sheet off

After finishing brushing your hair, you must remove the sheet from the bristles and dispose of it in the trash.

The good news is that your brush base will be tidy and clean. The unfortunate dryer sheet is in the trash can with all the hair strands.

This method may also be used with your comb. To stop hair from clumping together between the bristles, the entire procedure is the same as when collecting the hair.

However, washing a comb is more simpler than cleaning a brush, thus without using a dryer sheet when combing your hair is also allowed.


In the same way that dryer sheets are being used to reduce static electricity in laundry rooms, beauty enthusiasts have discovered that dryer sheets also have the same effect on hair, leaving it with strands that are smoother and more pleasant.

Even if hair loss is one of the biggest issues, you may take the necessary steps to maintain your home and hairbrushes clean.

We have already covered the most effective method for keeping a hairbrush, including how to clean it using a dryer sheet. You can only do this by using a dryer sheet.

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