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Fcs vs Monroe Struts (Review & Comparison)




Fcs vs Monroe

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Fcs vs Monroe

When driving on a highway or hitting a pothole, struts keep your car stable on the road and let the driver maintain control. Driving with damaged struts can be annoying and result in a collision. In addition, you shouldn’t drive at the lowest speed limit on the highway since you risk losing control of your vehicle.

Based on their significance, people invest a lot of time in finding the ideal strut for their car. We’ll contrast two of the most well-known strut brands in this review. To find out which is ideal for your driving experience, read on.

What Is Strut?

The engine system includes the strut. The engine chassis has the primary responsibility for guarding the car’s body from collisions while it travels. Struts could be a crucial component of the suspension system. because the vehicle’s height will be stable thanks to the coil spring system.

In terms of its basic workings, the strut serves as a control valve to sustain the weight of the vehicle. Additionally, it will give the driver a smoother sensation. The operator can more easily modify and steer when seated in the suspension unit.

In particular, the strut will lessen the vehicle’s bounce after significant accidents. From then, the details system in your car won’t experience issues from those shocks. At the same time, when the complete machine is consistently functioning in a safe state, the engine knocking will stop.

Currently, FCS and Monroe are the only two sets of struts that can function well. For autos, these products offer strong stability and comfort throughout travel. Bilstein 5100 vs 6112 Shocks.

Regarding FCS struts


The greatest anti-shock strut and stable engine protection system now on the market is FCS. This kit has a robust construction that reacts fast to unanticipated bumps. Additionally, FCS is reasonably priced, making it accessible to all customers. Without any exception, you can replace this set of struts entirely with those from the majority of automobiles.

The drawback of FCS strut is that it may only be used in warm climates. As a result, it won’t function properly in cold temperatures. The interior of the engine may not be able to endure sudden shocks when using FCS in the winter.

The grinding sound when braking is one of the common issues, even though the brake pads are good. As a result, you can pick a different set of struts or avoid driving when it’s too cold.

FCS Struts Review

Since FCS struts have served our Corolla well for the past few years, we decided to contrast them with Monroe struts that we had put in our second Toyota. FCS struts offer precise vehicle control as a start.

When you take a quick turn or hit a pothole, they don’t cause your automobile to sway. Furthermore, even at speeds of above 60 mph, neither the front nor the back of our Corolla vibrated.

You don’t need large machinery to install FCS struts because they install quickly. As a result, you may do it yourself and save a ton of money on installation fees. However, installing rear struts in some Toyota automobiles necessitates removing the back seat. In addition to being simple to install, FCS struts are effective shock absorbers.

We were traveling on the jolliest road in our vicinity, but at modest speeds, we felt nothing. But at high speed, FCS struts gave us a mini-heart attack. But nobody wants to travel more than 50 mph on a rough road. FCS struts will keep your car on the road if you apply the gas while driving down the freeway.

OEM Caliber

Make sure the struts or any other auto parts you buy are of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality. OEM quality is guaranteed by this brand. Although they won’t be as nice as the ones that came with your automobile, these struts are incredibly sturdy. Additionally, OEM-quality manufacturers have stringent specifications, and their products must pass numerous testing before being approved for sale.

You end up with top-notch equipment for your car as a result. Fortunately, FCS struts are of OEM caliber. Therefore, depending on the automobile you drive, FCS struts will meet or perhaps even surpass original quality even though you are purchasing them separately.

After the showroom sale, some consumers promptly switch their original struts with FCS grade ones. You are aware of the high quality of these struts. Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil – What’s the Difference and Which Should You Choose?

Relationship To Your Car Model

It’s vital to confirm that the FCS struts you purchased are appropriate for your vehicle. On the package or in the store, you can discover that information. You won’t need to worry about anything because FCS offers personalized struts for your car.

My Own Experience

We discovered the FCS struts weren’t the ideal option for cold weather after testing them for more than a year. In the summer, FCS held our vehicle to the ground, but they were dreadful in the winter. Customer testimonials on Amazon and other websites also supported our suspicion.

Many claimed that FCS was bad in the cold.

Regarding Monroe struts


When it comes to giving your automobile several advantages, such as shock absorbers, struts, power support, etc., Monroe is the most adaptable strut currently on the market. Additionally, this set of braces offers advantages for good handling and precise driving. With Monroe, you can use a variety of vehicles and loads while still getting reliable performance.

The Monroe strut can perform steadily in a variety of weather situations. It is what sets Monroe apart from FCS. For cold and snowy days, you can drive a car with Monroe struts. The engine system underneath the automobile will be protected from unforeseen bumps by this component, which will nevertheless assure peak performance.

Monroe Struts Review

A reputable strut manufacturer with a ton of good evaluations is Monroe. We removed the FCS struts from our Corolla in order to conduct a fair comparison before installing these fast struts. From the beginning, we noticed that Monroe was all about road control, drive stability, and stress absorption.

Neither the front nor the back of our automobile vibrated, and neither did we. At high speeds, Monore struts maintained our car on the road, and they felt considerably better than FCS.

OEM caliber

Thank goodness Monroe also provides OEM caliber. Compared to the FCS struts, Monroe seemed considerably smoother over potholes and bumps.

When your automobile jumps into the road, the high-quality materials used in Monroe struts avoid metal-to-metal contact, and the springs are compressed correctly with no evidence of running loose.

A Smoother Steering Experience

Monroe struts, in our opinion, will make driving more enjoyable. Our 2017 Corolla drove like the newest model, and after rapid bends, the steering swiftly returned to its original position.

The new rubber strengthens the steering suppleness and safeguards the strut’s other parts.

My Own Experience

The Monroe struts seemed more enduring and sturdy. For a weather check, we tested them for a year, and in every season, they excelled. We had no issues with the ride height increase that Monroe struts are known for.

They were noisy though. Only shocks or fast speeds caused the strut to produce sounds. For inexperienced drivers, it may be a concerning indicator. But in a year, the struts didn’t budge an inch from their position!

Specs Comparison Between FCS VS Monroe Struts

Fcs vs Monroe

It is best to clear out the requirements before we delve further into these struts. Keep in mind that individual experiences may differ from the requirements.

Read on to learn more about our personal experiences with these two brands in addition to our comparison of specs.

OE performance and finish for struts

Both FCS and Monroe struts perform at or above OE standards. This benefit will keep the vehicle stable and comfortable throughout the voyage. Shovel-related unexpected incidents will end. It will be less common for wheel bearings to make noise.

Furthermore, the majority of the details have been pre-installed by the manufacturer, and both have a complete framework. The strut must be purchased with the ability to be quickly and simply installed in the vehicle’s undercarriage.


Both FCS and Monroe struts have quite comparable warranties. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty. You will specifically be responsible for each case’s associated costs for upkeep and new strut replacement. Ensure by contacting the manufacturer to advise you most enthusiastically.

Strut caliber

The powder coating on FCS struts reduces the visibility of rust and corrosion. The physical and chemical effects won’t affect the inside features of the strut because this paint process will provide a protective film on the outside of the strut.

Monroe makes use of coating technologies. Electrostatic painting and plating are very comparable in terms of protection. It also produces a comparable coating that successfully fends off rust and corrosion while in use.

Enhanced Driving Efficiency

The FCS strut will assist the driver in regaining improved performance. It also serves as a tool to help them efficiently use the brakes during unforeseen shocks. Regarding the Monroe, it can help the user drive more effectively.

Operating Circumstances

Use of FCS strut in harsh weather and below-freezing temperatures is constrained. Only warm climates are ideal for this equipment. As a result, you should take FCS into account when using.

Monroe performs better than FCS in this regard. The Monroe strut offers good damping ability between the car’s ground clearance even in cold weather because it can be used in all types of weather.


How are FCS struts made?

Michigan serves as the primary production warehouse for FCS Struts. All global strut dealers’ FCS supply management is handled by this section. The company has provided many FCS struts and other units to numerous renowned automakers in the Central and North American markets thanks to its enormous production area and size.

Do Monroe struts come with lifetime warranties?

Yes, it is the answer. Monroe struts are protected against all manufacturing flaws by a lifetime warranty. However, the business will have warranty support policies in case of consumer issues. Customers still have to fork over a certain amount for upkeep and repair.

Which strut between Monroe and FCS is superior?

Monroe’s operability will be more adaptable than FCS’s because it can function well under a variety of diverse circumstances. When the temperature is low, FCS will perform less effectively.


By now, you have probably chosen a winner, but let’s explain both approaches in more detail. The FCS struts didn’t squeak, despite their poor performance in cold weather. Additionally, FCS struts are OEM-quality, so you won’t need to worry about changing them before five years have passed.

Monroe struts are of similar quality to OEM struts, however they are significantly smoother. Although they are not affected by the weather, the squeaking noise was unsettling.

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